Food and NutritionCooking Ribs slow cooker in 5 Easy Steps

Cooking Ribs slow cooker in 5 Easy Steps

Find out how to cook the ribs slow cooker. Barbecue enthusiasts tend to go toward ribs as their meat of choice. When baby returns, spare ribs and other kinds of meat are cooked over low heat for a long period with flavorful spices; the tender meat transforms into luscious and delicious meat.

You can get a lot of use out of the slow cooker, a beneficial piece of kitchen equipment that lets you prepare dinner while at work. Having dinner waiting for you when you get home is possible with the help of ribs slow cooker recipes. Dinner may be served to a whole new level with the help of a slow cooker and some ribs.

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What is ribs slow cooker

ribs slow cooker
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The term “ribs slow cooker” refers to a cooking appliance that cooks meat, vegetables, and other items by combining heat and moisture. Although they have been available for several decades, slow cookers have only recently seen a surge in popularity as a result of the growing cost of energy in recent years.

It has several benefits that cannot be found in standard ovens and cooking surfaces.
Because of the lower temperature at which they function, slow cookers consume far less energy than other kitchen appliances. Because of this, the same amount of food may be prepared with a significantly lower amount of energy than when it was cooked on a stove or in an oven.

A slow cooker for ribs is a portable kitchen gadget that may be set up on a table or countertop. After you have loaded it with food, you turn the machine on. Most slow cookers come equipped with a thermostat that can be adjusted, allowing for the appliance to be used at various temperatures depending on the type of food being prepared.

These units produce a sufficient amount of heat to raise the temperature of the water molecules in their immediate environment, causing the water molecules to begin vibrating at a quicker rate, which in turn causes the water molecules to get hotter. Because water molecules are so tiny, it doesn’t take very long for the water temperature to rise when it’s placed in an appliance like a slow cooker.

Easy slow cooker ribs recipe

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Step 1 on how to cook ribs slow cooker: Turn the temperature in the oven up to 400 degrees F.

Step 2 on how to cook ribs slow cooker: The ribs should have a good amount of salt and pepper applied to both sides. On both sides of the ribs, rub them with garlic powder, onion powder, and brown sugar.

Step 3 on how to cook ribs slow cooker: Before you start baking, prepare a big baking sheet by lining it with either tin foil or parchment paper. Cook the ribs for fifteen minutes in the pan that has been designed. After 15 minutes on one side, turn the ribs over and continue baking on the other side.

Step 4 on how to cook ribs slow cooker: Cook on low heat by arranging the rack of ribs around the interior of the slow cooker with the meaty side facing out. Another option is to separate the ribs into several portions and then put those sections into the slow cooker. Cover them completely in barbecue sauce, setting aside some of the sauce for serving later. Cook, covered, over LOW heat for four to six hours, until the meat is cooked but still has its shape.

Step 5 on how to cook ribs slow cooker: Serve while still warm, lathering more barbecue sauce over the top. 


  • One whole rack of pork ribs (about 2 lbs)
  •  Salt and freshly ground black pepper
  •  32 ounces of barbecue sauce
  •  1 teaspoon of powdered garlic
  •  1 teaspoon of powdered onion
  •  Brown sugar

Side dishes:

  • Cornbread
  •  Corn on the cob
  •  Potato salad
  •  Mashed Potatoes
  •  Roasted Vegetables
  •  Homemade Rolls
  •  Classic Wedge Salad
  •  Brussels Sprouts Salad

What is the best slow cooker ribs

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The best ribs slow cooker are those prepared with a sweet and sticky sauce rubbed into the meat before it is cooked and then cooked on low heat. The meat will become so tender that it will fall off the bone if you slow-cook it, and the sauce will caramelize as it cooks, creating a sweet flavor that will go well with the savory meat. The best part is that you can prepare these ribs in your crock pot while you are at work or out running errands, and by the time you get back home, they will be ready to eat!

Beginning with high-quality meat is essential for producing mouthwatering ribs in a slow cooker. Try to get a cut that has a good amount of marbling, indicating a lot of fat going through it. During the cooking process, a leaner cut will become drier, but if you choose fatty cuts such as pig butt or beef brisket, the final product will always be tasty.

You will need some salt, pepper, and an aromatic spice combination such as paprika or chili powder to season both sides of each piece of pig or beef before inserting them into your slow cooker.


How long does ribs take to slow cook?

One of the most flavorful methods to prepare ribs is by using a low and slow cooking method. Simmering the meat for a long time helps tenderize and infuse it with flavor.
The ideal temperature for cooking ribs is approximately 200 degrees Fahrenheit (95 degrees Celsius), which is lower than the boiling point but higher than a simmer. You can leave your oven or slow cooker on this temperature setting for around 5 hours without having to check on it.

Do I need liquid in slow cooker for ribs?

Yes, you do. The liquid is essential in the pot when cooking ribs in a slow cooker. In addition to contributing flavor to the sauce, the liquid will assist in maintaining the meat’s moistness and tenderness. You can use any liquid, be it water, wine, beer, stock, or broth. Make sure that whatever you use is sufficient to cover the meat at least three-quarters of the way.

Can you slow cook ribs too long?

There is such a thing as cooking ribs for too long. It is important to recognize when they are done cooking to prevent them from being overcooked. When slow-cooking ribs, it is essential to closely check them and ensure that they are not cooked for an excessively long period. If you keep them in for longer than is required, they will become dry and brittle.

Is it better to cook ribs slow or fast?

It’s better to cook ribs slowly. The collagen found in the tissue of ribs is most effectively broken down and released into liquids when the ribs are cooked at a low temperature. As the ribs continue to cook for a longer period, the meat will become more tender, resulting in simpler meat to chew and consume.

Are ribs better in slow cooker or oven?

The slow cooker and the oven are great options for cooking ribs, and both will result in mouthwateringly tender meat. You are free to cook them for as long as you choose, provided they reach the desired level of doneness before dinner. There is no one technique to accomplish this task that is superior to any other, so feel free to try both approaches to determine which one works best for you.

What liquid do you use for ribs?

When marinating ribs, you can use whatever kind of liquid you like. However, the greatest possibilities are liquids heavy in sugar and salt, such as ketchup and soy sauce. These are the best choices. The meat will be more tasty and tender after being marinated in these liquids, making it easier to prepare.


These slow-cooked ribs are very delectable, and they are also quite tender and flavorful. You may begin preparing these ribs in the morning or first thing in the afternoon, and by the time dinner rolls around, they will be finished.

One of the simplest methods for preparing ribs is to use a slow cooker, often known as a crock pot. This presents a challenge because there are so many different slow cookers on the market. The difficulty, however, is that it is all too easy to get into a routine that calls for nothing more than the same slow cooker.

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