Food and NutritionEasy lunches for camping: 20 Easy and Convenient Food Ideas

Easy lunches for camping: 20 Easy and Convenient Food Ideas

Are you going camping and searching for easy lunches for camping? Getting a head start on your day by preparing and packing your lunches in advance will help you get the most out of it. Because of this, you will have more time to devote to engaging pursuits and less time spent slaving away in the kitchen. This post will provide you with ideas for easy, fast and healthy lunch that you may prepare.

What are easy lunches for camping

easy lunches for camping
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In order to keep you fueled while you are out exploring in the great outdoors, these lunch ideas for camping concentrate on simple dishes that nevertheless manage to pack a lot of flavor into your meals.

We are here to jog your memory and remind you that the convenience of your camping meals does not have to come at the expense of their nutritional value. We’ve put up this collection of camping lunch dishes to demonstrate that, with a little forethought and preparation, you can still have delicious meals even when you’re cooking outside.

Easy Camping Recipes for Lunch Ideas

Easy lunches for camping: Honey Mustard Chicken Salad
This easy camping meal is loaded with protein and can be included in several camping dishes. Consume this as a delicious sandwich, or have it with fresh greens for a satisfying salad. You may substitute tuna or salmon if you do not consume chicken.

Easy lunches for camping: Teriyaki Shrimp
Tender, crisp vegetables and succulent shrimp combine for a delightful, light, refreshing camp meal. Foil packages are one of the most convenient camping meals since you put everything on the grill, and clean-up is minimal. You may also choose to prepare them ahead of time to make cooking even simpler.

Easy lunches for camping: Quesadillas

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Even if you have dietary limitations, quesadillas are an excellent camping supper since they are quick to prepare and adaptable. Wrap your tortillas in foil, place them on the grill, and serve them with sour cream, salsa, or guacamole to complement the melted cheese.

Easy lunches for camping: Pasta Salad

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Regarding camping lunch ideas, pasta salad is the star of the show. The combination of tangy feta, luscious cherry tomatoes, and crisp cucumbers makes this one of the greatest summertime camp dinners to prepare. Because it can be made in advance and requires minimum cleaning, pasta salad is an ideal camping dish.

Easy lunches for camping: Chickpea Salad Sandwich
After a long day of trekking, chickpeas are an excellent plant-based protein source. This is our go-to meal when we want something nutritious and filling but want to save time cleaning up. Combine the ingredients in a single dish and serve with your preferred bread.

Easy lunches for camping: Nachos

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Nachos are popular among campers because they can be loaded with toppings and prepared in less than 30 minutes. Since everything is cooked on cast iron coated with aluminum foil, preparation, and cleanup are simple. The tortilla chips, cheese, and sour cream make for a delicious camping lunch.

Easy lunches for camping: Spring Rolls

Fresh spring rolls are a simple camping lunch option requiring little preparation and cleaning. These rolls are comprised of rice noodles, carrot, cucumber, bell pepper, fresh herbs, and crispy seasoned tofu and are served with peanut sauce.

Easy lunches for camping: Fajita-Stuffed Peppers with Chicken

Place stuffed peppers on the grill, and you’ll have a tasty, protein-rich lunch. If you prepare the chicken and vegetables beforehand, you may wrap them in foil and cook them on the grill to satisfy the hiker’s appetite as soon as you leave the route.

Easy lunches for camping: Shrimp Boiling Foil

A shrimp boil in a southern manner is one of the summer’s defining tastes. These mess-free foil packets are flavorful and cook fast, making them ideal for camp meals. We like preparing shrimp for lunch since it is light, adaptable, and quick to make.

Easy lunches for camping: Black Bean Salad

Outdoor activities may expend significant energy, resulting in the classic “hiker’s hunger.” When you need food quickly, you may cook this salad at home and have it with tortilla chips as soon as you return to camp. It is fresh, simple to prepare, and full of protein!

Easy lunches for camping: Tortilla Stuffed with Fruit and Nut Peanut Butter
Try this packed tortilla if you’re looking for a nutritious lunch for a day trek. It also makes an excellent breakfast, dessert, or snack! When wrapped into breakfast burritos, the tortilla retains the peanut butter, banana, dried fruit, and almonds perfectly so you can enjoy them on the move.

Easy lunches for camping: Chicken Parmesan Wrap
For this dish, you may use leftover shredded chicken, rotisserie chicken, or canned chicken. The creamy prepared salad dressing blends the meat and vegetables, while the spinach tortilla makes a convenient meal on the go.

Easy lunches for camping: Mini Campfire Pizzas
You can cook pizza in foil packets if you’re traveling lightly and don’t have pie irons. Two pieces of bread are buttered and placed in a pie iron, then pizza sauce, garlic powder, pepperoni slices, and mozzarella cheese are spread on top. Close the iron and toast over hot embers from a campfire.

Easy lunches for camping: Avocado and spinach salad with grilled shrimp
This salad’s fresh ingredients are ideal for hot summer camp outings. You will cook shrimp and arrange it over a bed of spinach with orange segments, grapefruit slices, and avocado wedges. The salad will then be topped with a simple homemade dressing, and lunch will be served.

Easy lunches for camping: Charcuterie board
Charcuterie boards are a simple and delicious meal for campfire days. Load your platter with the cheeses, meats, crackers, and fruits of your choosing. This dish is adaptable, allowing you to substitute ingredients for your preferred sweet and salty taste combinations.

Easy lunches for camping: Overnight Oats
These candies may nearly taste like ice cream if you’re not cautious! In a jar with a secure-fitting cover, combine coconut milk and oats. Stir, then chill overnight while covered. Add the dried fruits, nuts, syrups, chocolate chips, or candies of your choice. This is one example of a vegan camping dinner.

Easy lunches for camping: Chicken Tikka Masala Taco
This is the perfect one-pot camping dinner for when you want to return to camp and have a nice supper without having to prepare or clean up. Chicken cooked in masala and garnished with cilantro is one of the greatest ways to conclude an eventful morning.

Easy lunches for camping: Egg Salad Sandwich

Sandwiches and egg salad are the ultimate fast and simple camp meal. It may be made in advance so that when you return after a day of sightseeing, you can eat it on your favorite bread with little mess.

Easy lunches for camping: Kale Salad
Salads are one of the simplest lunch ideas for camping since you can add any mix of fresh ingredients. This salads kale requires few ingredients and just 15 minutes to prepare. Choose roasted chickpeas from the grocery for a protein boost, or add your favorite vegetables to this recipe.

Easy lunches for camping: BBQ Shredded Pork or Chicken
Warm your shredded beef over a stove or campfire and serve it as a sandwich on hamburger buns, over a baked potato, or by itself.


What food is easy for camping?

For camping, it is advisable to include instant noodles, instant soups, dry pasta, canned meats and beans, and other ready-to-eat meals. They may save you time in the kitchen and do not perish quickly. You may have further camping meal ideas in mind.

What food should I bring for 3 days camping?

You should include food suited for campfire dinners, on-the-go meals, and snacks for a three-day camping vacation. Included are eggs for omelettes, bread for sandwiches, and rice or pasta for quick meals. You may also transport salad ingredients such as potatoes, different meats, tomatoes, cucumbers, and lettuce.

What food to take camping without cooking?

Wraps, Tortas, and Sandwiches. These no-cook dinners are not very spectacular, but they are adaptable and can be combined in a variety of ways. Tortas, wraps, and sandwiches are really simple to prepare in advance and pack in a cooler. Alternately, you may bring bread or tortillas, store the toppings in a cooler, and construct the sandwiches at your destination.

What to snack and lunch with at camp?

Sandwiches on whole grain bread. Sliced cheese or deli meats with a variety of crackers. Wraps. Carrot sticks, sliced cucumbers, red peppers with hummus or dip.


Camping is an excellent opportunity to reconnect with nature and break from modern life. To complement your time spent in the great outdoors, you should consume nutritional meals that are fast and simple to prepare. We have compiled a list that will make preparing for your camping trip stress-free and allow you to take full advantage of the great outdoors.

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