Beauty20 Perfect Brunette Balayage Ideas Just For You!

20 Perfect Brunette Balayage Ideas Just For You!

This article is all about brunette balayage ideas! Whether you are already rocking a lighter brunette shade or want to make the change.

Brunette balayage is a coloring method that combines the best of two worlds: the natural appearance of balayage with the depth of a brunette foundation. The outcome is a lovely, deep brown hue that seems to have always been there. The brunette balayage method is most effective on those with dark brown hair who wish to add depth to their roots without becoming completely blonde.

To get this style, your stylist will need to add highlights, or strands of hair that have been colored lighter than your natural color, to your roots in a gradient pattern beginning at the scalp and ending at the ends. In addition, you can also check hair transplant cost.

This gives an ombre effect that seems to be your natural hair color with increased warmth and depth, while remaining subtle enough not to distract from your overall appearance.

Balayage Explained

Let’s begin with a brief review of balayage. In French, the word signifies “to sweep,” which is appropriate given the artistic way color is applied to portions of hair. A balayage technique avoids the patterned approach of conventional highlights by applying a pre-lightener to the face-framing layers, mid-lengths, and ends of hair.

The final look is unique to the person; it is natural, multidimensional, and incredibly flattering, regardless of how subtle or daring you make it. Typically, it is performed without foils; however, it can be added for increased lift. This is known as “foilyage” in the business.

How to do Brunette Balayage

brunette balayage
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When applying balayage to brown hair, a pre-lightener is always necessary to guarantee that the lighter ribbons stand out. Remember these rules for every transition.

Tone to Perfection

Once you’ve achieved the right level of depth – often two or three shades lighter for a more natural look – you’ll need to tone your client’s highlights to achieve the ideal hue. Use permanent hair dye like Koleston Perfect for a pure-pigment, high-shine finish, or demi-permanent hair color like Color Touch for low-commitment, elegantly fading brown balayage.

As vital as the pre-lightener and toner you use, ensure your client has access to goods that will enhance their new hair color.

Brighten with Blondor

Try a pre-lightener developed for freehand painting, such as Blondor Freelights, to add highlights. It has an adhesive mass that ensures it adheres to the desired location and stays there. You could also combine it with our bond-strengthening technology, which will maintain the integrity of the internal hair bonds during the coloring process.

20 Best Colors For Brunette Balayage

Warm Brunette to Blonde Balayage

The epic color gradient of this hot brunette balayage hairstyle will make you the center of attention wherever you go!

Brunette Blonde Balayage

brunette balayage Instagram

Showing off your sweet personality is easy with a charming light balayage on dark hair. What’s more, this irresistible look is easy to maintain.

Honey Brunette Balayage

Mixed highlights featuring honey, copper, and silver sum up into a beautiful balayage for brunette hair. Don’t be afraid to experiment with warm and cool blends!

Cool Brunette Balayage

Balayage hair color ideas for brunettes aren’t always about warm highlights. Cool shades of blonde mix up perfectly well with your naturally dark hair color.

Chestnut Balayage Brunette Highlights

Chestnut and russet brown hues can deliver a remarkable blend, especially when it comes to balayage.

Subtle Natural-Looking Balayage

A simple yet gorgeous solution for medium brunette balayage hair is adding subtle highlights. These can be of a warmer or cooler shade, depending on your skin tone.

Natural Brunette Balayage

brunette balayage
Source: paramountpampering Instagram

This subtle brunette balayage is so delicate that it appears to be a natural hair color after hot summer days. It’s a great solution for those who don’t want radical changes!

Contrasting Brunette Balayage Highlights

Making the front strands lighter is a trick used by stylists to frame the face. Combine it with similar dimensional balayage highlights for a runway-ready appearance.

Brunette Red Balayage

brunette balayage
Source: virginiamelonestilistas Instagram

Balayage is awesome for defining and intensifying your natural hair color. Here is a great example of a fiery red balayage on long brunette hair.

Brunette Balayage Bob

Whether you want to experiment with bright colors or stick to subtler options for your brunette balayage straight hair, a bob cut will pack them into a trendy style effortlessly.

Brunette Balayage Shag

The brunette balayage 2023 goes hand-in-hand with a shaggy cut. Add piece-y bangs to complete the cheeky look!

Amber Brunette Balayage Highlights

A balayage looks especially stunning when the hair has waves or curls. Contrasting colors define the strands and make them look even more voluminous and bouncy.

Ruby Balayage Brunette

Pick the famous Rihanna shade of red for your balayage, and you will be catching glances of admiration every day!

Ashy Brunette Balayage

An ash hair color looks natural. In terms of shiny balayage highlights, it will make your style even more distinctive!

Light Brown Balayage

Light brown hair and blonde balayage are a highlighter match made in heaven, providing a sun-kissed, post-holiday appearance that makes us miss the summer months. Tom Badger nailed it by applying a little foilyage with Blondor.

Dark Brown Balayage

This style is the clearest example of dark brown balayage, with ribbons that have been somewhat lightened compared to the base color.

Caramel Balayage on Dark Brown Hair

Caramel balayage offers the creamiest, most enticing solution for brunette clients who desire caramel blonde hair without committing to all-over lightening. This hair glossing treatment with Koleston Perfect 7/31 resulted in next-level shine and no brassy tones in these warm blonde highlights.

Brown Balayage on Black Hair

The last thing you want when developing very dark brown, almost-black hair is a flat, matte black. This is where a sprinkling of brown balayage shines. To illustrate: This multi-toned style comprises a foundation of 44/0 + 3/0 6% 20 vol. with Color Touch-toned Blondor Freelights ribbons.

Chocolate Brown Balayage

Chocolate brown hair is as delectable as its name suggests. It involves adding highlights or, in this case, balayage to brunette hair to create a range of mouthwatering tones. Blondor and Color Touch came together to create this beautiful color blend.

Rose Brown Balayage

While blondes can experiment with rose gold hair, brunettes adorn their tresses with rose brown hair, a trend in which rosy tones are blended with dark hues to create a raspberry chocolate look. The appropriate method for this trend is Balayage.

Mushroom Brown Balayage for Dark Hair. The shiny light ash brown highlights enable you to create a dreamy balayage style and showcase the beauty of your hair.


What is the best balayage color for dark brown hair?

The most common highlights for dark hair are caramel or light brown balayage, however there are no color restrictions for balayage hairstyles.

What is a brunette balayage?

For deeper hair tones, brunette balayage involves incorporating caramel, bronze, and chocolate to create the ideal autumnal or wintery tint.

What are the benefits of brunette balayage?

There are many benefits to balayage highlights, including the following:
– They look natural and subtle
– They are less damaging than traditional highlights
– They grow out well and don’t require frequent retouching
If you are considering getting brunette balayage highlights, make sure to consult with a professional balayage specialist who will be able to create the perfect look for your hair type.


To sum it up, balayage is a technique that can be incredibly powerful when used correctly. Taking the process slowly and ensuring you are happy with your color after each step will help you achieve your perfect color, whether a dark brunette or a luscious platinum blonde.


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