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What is a lob haircut? Top 15 dazzling celebrities with a lob haircut

In the last couple of years, we have witnessed a rise in the popularity of women having low-profile hair cuts, which has contributed to the rise in lob haircuts. It’s a great move that ladies may make to achieve their style and also makes them appear more fashionable.

What is a lob haircut

what is a lob haircut
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The lob haircut is a timeless style that has maintained its level of popularity over the course of many decades. It also offers a lot of flexibility, which is one of the reasons why it has remained so popular throughout the years.

You may choose to have bangs or not with this hairstyle; however, if you do choose to have bangs, they should be kept short and tapered. If you don’t have bangs, the back of your neck should be covered by your hair, and it should be long enough that it lies flat on your head.
However, if you are going to take off your bangs, you may want to think about having a lob haircut and wearing your hair long after the cut.

People who have round features can get their hair cut into a lob style since it flatters the shape of their faces and gives the appearance of more height at the crown of their heads.
The back and sides are kept short, but they are not shaved off entirely as a buzz cut does; instead, these areas are left untouched except for the length of hair at the top of your head, where the fade begins before disappearing into thin layers that follow along all around your head until they reach the neckline, where they stop.

In other words, the fade begins at the top of your head and disappears into thinner layers as it moves down toward the back and sides of your head.

Examples of what makes a haircut a lob with the celeberities

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Bella Hadid’s Shiny Center-Parted Lob 
This is the silkiest lob to ever exist. At the 2017 Met Gala, Bella Hadid’s blunt, shoulder-length hair wonderfully complemented her dramatic catsuit.

Margot Robbie’s Relaxed Old-Hollywood Lob 
Favorite Hollywood starring woman has several stunning beauty moments in 2020, but her relaxed blonde bob is one among my faves.

Gal Gadot’s Slicked-Back Lob 

As Gal Gadot did in 2021, explore with slicking back your hair to create a dramatic new style for an otherwise plain cut.

Olivia Culpo’s Short and Sweet Lob 
Model Olivia Culpo’s lob is on the shorter end of the scale; she is the poster girl for chic short haircuts.

Kerry Washington’s Bedazzled Lob

Source: lifeofrileysalonsupply1 Instagram

Washington demonstrated at the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar Party that all it takes to make a lob appear red carpet ready is a glittery hair item.

Alexa Chung’s Wavy Lob 

Source: camillalinds Instagram

Chung has always been the epitome of fashion and beauty coolness, and her wavy brown bob at the Met Gala in 2022 demonstrates that she still has impeccable taste.

Emma Stone’s Undone Curly Lob 
The somewhat longer lob worn by Emma Stone is a terrific example of a style that is little mature but yet attractive.

Simone Ashley’s Beachy Lob
Simone Ashley’s textured lob complements her no-makeup-makeup look flawlessly.

Florence Pugh’s Dip-Dyed Lob 
Experiment with hair color for an entertaining spin on the lob. Follow Pugh’s lead and select a delicate lavender hue, or try for a more daring hue.

Miley Cyrus’s Two-Tone Lob 
Miley Cyrus has never been one to experiment with different hair colors, and the internet went crazy over her two-toned black and blonde hair.

Gemma Chan’s Subtly-Highlighted Lob 
At the 2022 Cannes Film Festival, Gemma Chan’s chic, low-key bob perfectly complemented her structured Louis Vuitton outfit.

Emma Chamberlain’s Textured Lob 
Emma Chamberlain’s Textured Lob is a low-key bob is quite fashionable in 2022.

Doja Cat’s Spiky Lob
Doja Cat is the queen of the Y2K return. Her iced-out blonde bob named the most beautiful hairstyle at the Grammy Awards in 2022.

Chrissy Teigen’s Honey-Colored Lob
Chrissy Teigan’s highlighted wavy hair added a touch of California cool to her glam appearance at the 2022 Vanity Fair Oscar Party.

Ciara’s Bleached Lob
At the 2021 BET Awards, Ciara replaced her long, caramel-colored hair with this bleached blonde look, demonstrating her propensity to change her hairstyle often.

Tips in a lob haircut

Lob haircuts are an excellent choice for anybody looking to add height and length to their hair. The lob is a rounder, broader shape that normally begins at the crown of your head and gradually tapers down toward the back. The lob is also known as the “lob cut.”

If you want to keep your present hairstyle but are interested in trying something new, a lob haircut could be the way to go. If you want to experiment with a new look for your hair, one option is to get a lob haircut done to your locks.

If you want a lob haircut that will give you the perfect amount of height while allowing you to keep the volume and fullness of your natural hair, we suggest going with one that has a cut that is slightly angled. This will allow you to achieve your desired appearance. This will provide the appearance of extra fullness at the crown of your head without giving the impression that it is overly heavy or thick.

  1. Select a cut that creates a lot of volumes in the hair, such as a lob haircut.
  2.  Using a flat iron, give volume to the roots of your hair while also smoothing them out.
  3.  Give your hair a good combing before you go to work to ensure that it will stay in place during the day’s events.
  4.  Steer clear of pushing your hair back too tightly since this might give the appearance of an artificial and unflattering lob.
  5.  To assist in producing more lift and body in your hair, use a gel or other style product to damp hair before letting it air dry.

Long bob hairstyles

Long bob haircuts are a wonderful way to inject some vivacity and color into your appearance while yet maintaining a refined and put-together aspect. Those who want to add depth, length, and volume to their hair will find that long bob haircuts are the best option for them.

Long bob hairstyles may be used to help you get the perfect appearance, check the hair length chart regardless of whether you want your hair to be curled or straight.

Long versions of the bob haircut are now one of the most fashionable options for women’s hair. They need little to no upkeep, and a wide variety of cuts, colors, and lengths are available for purchase.

This is one of the reasons why they are so well-liked among ladies who are interested in trying something new but want to avoid anything too extreme. Long versions of the bob cut are a fantastic choice for women who want a cut that will look nice even if they are rushing around after work or going on an errand to a fun destination in a hurry.


Does a lob haircut have layers?

A lob cut does not include any layers of the hair. A lob haircut is a specific kind of haircut that includes cutting the hair in a spherical shape and leaving the top portions of the hair longer than the bottom regions of the hair. The term “lob” was coined in the 1960s. In most cases, the tips are tapered in such a way that they rest on the forehead.

What is difference between lob and bob?

Both “lob” and “bob” are phrases that are used to indicate the direction that a wave is traveling in. A wave that travels in one direction is referred to as a lob, while a wave that travels in the other way is referred to as a bob.
The direction of movement is what differentiates lob from bob as a movement pattern. The motion of a lob is in one direction, whereas the motion of a bob is in the other direction.

What makes a haircut a lob?

The back and sides of the head are shaved in a lob haircut, but the hair on the front and sides of the head is kept longer. This kind of haircut is also known as a “lob.” Although it is more often seen on males with long hair, this look is also appropriate for women to wear in the right context.


A lob hairstyle has a high forehead, a strong jawline, and a substantial amount of side hair, and it is an extreme example of a close cut. On the other hand, the lob is simply chopped razor side, which leaves a substantial amount of hair on the back and sides of the head but very little in the front. The conventional bob or lob has far less hair on the sides, and the top of the head is completely shaved off, which is the primary distinction between these two styles.

The result is a sharper and tidier appearance achieved by the haircut. There is room for mistakes when cutting hair in a bob style, so it’s possible to end up with an odd appearance if the hair is cut either too high or too low for the style. This is what makes the bob haircut so popular. However, a lob is about as near to ideal as you can go when it comes to hairstyles.

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