Food and Nutrition6 Easy Steps to make Fry Sweet Potato

6 Easy Steps to make Fry Sweet Potato


Do you want to know the secret to flawlessly fry sweet potato? In this article, I will provide you with some helpful hints, detailed instructions, and tried-and-true procedures that you can put to use in your own kitchen in making fry sweet potato.

What are fry sweet potato

fry sweet potato
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A fry sweet potato makes for a delicious and nutritious snack that can be enjoyed by both children and adults. It is prepared with sweet potatoes, which are a kind of root vegetable that may be found in a wide variety of distinct forms. Although the orange-colored variety of sweet potato is by far the most popular, there are also white and purple variants that may be purchased. Fry sweet potato can be a perfect breakfast meal to make, you can also check the calories it contain!

Because fry sweet potato a significant quantity of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin A, vitamin B6, manganese, copper, potassium, and magnesium, sweet potatoes are beneficial to one’s health. Because fry sweet potato include a large quantity of both fiber and protein, they are an excellent choice for vegetarians who may have trouble obtaining an adequate amount of protein in their diet due to the absence of animal products.

Fry sweet potato may be prepared in a variety of ways, such as by boiling or baking them whole, and then being served with butter or olive oil. Additionally, fry sweet potato can be fried until they are crispy on the exterior while maintaining a soft inside, which is another option. You can also mash them to make a delicious side dish known as “mashed potatoes,” which tastes fantastic when topped with gravy sauce.

When cooking fry sweet potato slices, it is recommended that you make use of an oil that has a high smoke point, such as vegetable oil. This will ensure that the oil does not readily catch fire when subjected to high temperatures (300 degrees Fahrenheit). Try cooking with water instead of oil if you don’t want to use any oil at all.

Steps in fry sweet potato

  1. Give the sweet potatoes a good scrub and a peel.
  2. Using either a knife or a mandoline slicer, cut them into the shape of french fries (optional).
  3. Put the sweet potatoes in a basin and cover it with water. Let them sit there for an hour. When you fried them later, this will help prevent them from becoming burnt on the outside.
  4. Bring the oil to a temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit in a deep saucepan or skillet by heating it over medium-high heat (175 C). You may also test it by placing a little piece of sweet potato in the oil and seeing how soon it fries. If the oil is ready, the sweet potato will swiftly fry.
  5. Remove any excess water from the bowl of sweet potatoes and wipe them dry with some paper towels; this will assist ensure that the potatoes are crispy when they are fried, rather than soggy.
  6. Fry each piece in oil until it reaches a golden brown color, about three minutes each batch. Remove the fries from the pan using a slotted spoon or tongs, then set them on paper towels to soak up any leftover oil before serving them warm as an accompaniment to your go-to dish.

Methods to Cook Sweet Potatoes using Stove, Oven, Microwave and Air Fryer


There are several methods for preparing sweet potatoes, each with their unique merits. If you like to consume the potatoes whole, you should boil or steam them. With a little spice, baked sweet potatoes make excellent vegetable side dishes. For an expedited cooking procedure, you may microwave the potatoes for convenience.

How to Cook Sweet Potatoes on the Stove
You may prepare sweet potatoes in a standard cooking pot, a steamer, or a slow cooker.

Step 1:

Although many people like to boil sweet potatoes whole, you may also peel and dice them. Cubing the potatoes is the best method for preparing sweet mashed potatoes.

Step 2:

To bring water to a boil, fill a kettle with water. Add sweet potatoes to boiling water and simmer until soft. 12 to 15 minutes is the normal cooking time while using high heat. Slow-cooking sweet potatoes could take 3-4 hours.

Step 3:

Drain water and flavor it with butter and spices.

How to Cook Sweet Potatoes in the Oven
Sweet potatoes baked in the oven are soft and nutritive. Baking is preferred since it preserves both the taste of the potatoes and the spice.

Step 1:

Pre-heat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Scrub the sweet potatoes under a stream of cold water.

Step 2:

Utilize a fork or knife to puncture potato surfaces. Cut the sweet potatoes in half, or leave them whole, then rub the olive oil into their skins. It is preferable to leave the potato skins on and remove them after cooking.

Step 3:

Place potatoes, skin-side down, on an aluminum foil-lined baking sheet. Alternately, each potato may be wrapped in foil and placed on a baking pan lightly sprayed with cooking spray.

Step 4:

If left whole, bake sweet potatoes for 35 to 60 minutes. The baking time for halves varies between 20 and 45 minutes.

Step 5:

Allow the sweet potatoes to cool for a few minutes after removing them from the oven. Cut open and season with salt, pepper, butter, paprika, garlic powder, and any desired seasonings. Serve by itself or as a side dish.

How to Cook Sweet Potatoes in the Microwave
Step 1:

Scrub the skins of sweet potatoes carefully under cold running water to eliminate dirt. The skin is pierced many times with a knife or fork.

Step 2:

Prepare in a microwave-safe dish for 8 to 10 minutes, uncovered, or until tender. Use a knife or fork to test for tenderness.

Step 3:

Remove from microwave and score the surface with deep incisions. Allow the potatoes to cool for two to four minutes, then gently press in the sides to open them. Add butter and your preferred seasonings.

How to Cook Sweet Potatoes with an Air Fryer
Make sweet potatoes in an air fryer for a fast and simple side dish.

Step 1:

Cut sweet potatoes into 1-inch chunks to ensure uniform frying.
Step 2:

Mix the cubes with a little of olive oil and your preferred spices.

Step 3:

Place in the basket of an air fryer and cook at 360 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes, turning every 5 minutes.

Step 4:
This recipe for roasted vegetables in an air fryer includes precise proportions.


Is it healthy to fry sweet potato?

Yes, When you fry sweet potato, they take on a crispier texture and take on a more delectable flavor. Additionally, this assists in the preservation of their nutrients, since frying helps to eliminate germs and protects against food poisoning. One of the most nutritious foods you can put in your body is a sweet potato. Fiber, vitamins A and C, beta-carotene, manganese, and potassium are all abundant in them, and they also contain a good amount of beta-carotene.

Why won’t my sweet potato fries get crispy?

There are a few possible reasons for why your fry sweet potato fries aren’t turning out crispy. To begin, the sweet potato fries may not turn out crispy if an excessive amount of oil is used in the frying pan or if an excessive amount of water is used on the baking sheet. If this occurs again, consider reducing the amount of oil or water you use. If you aren’t baking your sweet potato fries for a sufficiently long period of time at a high enough temperature, this might be another reason why they aren’t becoming crispy.

How do you cut sweet potatoes for frying?

Prior to slicing sweet potatoes, it is essential to choose how they will be prepared. If you want to cook them, you should cut them into thin slices. You may cut them into cubes or wedges if you want to bake them. Using a vegetable peeler, begin at the top of the potato and peel gently towards the bottom until you reach the skinless portion of the potato. If you prefer to slice your sweet potatoes into cubes or wedges, remove both ends of each potato before slicing it into thin strips.

How do you cook sweet potatoes in a pan?

When using a pan to cook sweet potatoes, arrange them in a single layer and put them on a dry cast iron skillet at a heat setting of medium. They will need to cook for around 15 minutes with the lid on the pan before they can be considered tender. Take the pan off the heat, and let it to cool down a little bit before serving.


Sweet potato fries are easy to cook and better in flavor than traditional French fries. A few basic supplies, some time, and the methods listed here are all you need to create your own fries.

The sweet potato is one of the most versatile superfoods in nature, and it can be used for more than just ordinary baked potatoes. However, you should be familiar with sweet potatoes before attempting to prepare them. Utilize the aforementioned guidance to create your next delicious meal and enjoy the nutritional advantages of this versatile vegetable.

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