BeautyMaking DIY lip scrubs using 3 Easy Ingredients

Making DIY lip scrubs using 3 Easy Ingredients

Do you ever wonder how to create DIY lip scrubs at home? Using a lip scrub regularly is an excellent method to maintain the smoothness, softness, and exfoliation of your lips. This recipe for a natural lip scrub is simple to put together and can be done with things you already have in your kitchen.

What is DIY lip scrubs

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Lip scrubs are excellent for exfoliating your lips since they remove any dead skin and leave your lips feeling silky smooth. This is of utmost importance for those with dry lips since chapped lips may be both unpleasant and ugly, and dry skin can lead to chapped lips.

Many lip scrubs are available; some are derived from sugar or salt, while others utilize oils like coconut or olive oil. Some people even make use of spent coffee grinds! You can also try lip fillers if you have saved enough money from making DIY lip scrubs. It is a famous beauty and wellness treatment nowadays.

In this article, we’ll look at how to create your DIY lip scrub at home using simple ingredients that won’t bring you back a small fortune. In addition, we will instruct you on how to put it into practice so that you may get the most successful outcomes!

Exfoliate your lips

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Exfoliate your lips utilizing DIY lip scrubs.

The shape and size of your lips contribute significantly to your overall look. They have the power to make or destroy the overall aesthetic of your ensemble. You must exfoliate them consistently if you want to preserve their youthful appearance and excellent health. The removal of dead skin cells and the prevention of dryness are both benefits of exfoliation.

You can purchase an exfoliant or make your own at home. In the following stages, we will demonstrate how to prepare a DIY lip scrubs using items you most likely already have in your kitchen at this very moment: Checkout this DIY lip scrub 3 ingredients, diy lip scrub for dry lips and diy lip scrub for dark lips.

  1. In a small bowl, blend one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of brown sugar until the ingredients are well combined.
  2.  When the mixture from step one has reached the desired consistency, add one tablespoon of olive oil.
  3.  Dab some of this concoction over your lips, then massage it with your fingers for approximately two minutes before washing it off with warm water.

Directions why this works ingredients

diy lip scrubs

Ingredients for DIY Lip Scrubs

DIY lip scrubs are simple to prepare, inexpensive, and may be tailored to the user’s preferences. This is how you create one:


  • sugar
  •  honey
  •  essential oil 


  • Cups and spoons for use in measuring
  •  A bowl for mixing
  •  A spoon for stirring or a whisk

The use of natural and colorful exfoliants in your daily routine may be accomplished with the help of lip scrubs. Additionally, they make lovely presents!

When preparing your DIY lip scrubs, an essential point to remember is that the ingredients should include sugar, oil, and water in equal parts. You are free to experiment with different proportions of each component to get the desired consistency for your scrub. To give you an example, you could add honey to the scrub if you want it to feel like a very gentle scrub, but coconut oil would be a great choice if you want something that has more grit or texture.

In addition to these three components, you will also want a device that can be used to scrub. You can use anything, from a toothbrush to a sponge; the choice is yours!

It’s time to work on those DIY lip scrubs after you’ve rounded up all the materials and implements you’ll need to put them together. To begin, in a bowl, combine all of the ingredients, except the oil and water, and mix them until they have the consistency of a smooth paste. Then, apply this combination to your lips using whatever instrument works best for the kind of lip exfoliation method that is your personal preference. Before continuing, be

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Do DIY lip scrubs work?

Yes, DIY lip scrubs work. The dead skin on your lips may be exfoliated away with a decent lip scrub, giving the appearance of more significant and smoother lips. It also provides a little amount of moisture back into your lips so that they don’t feel dry or flaky, preventing them from feeling dry.

Can I use lip scrub every day?

You may use lip scrubs daily, but you should do it minimally. Lip scrubs are fantastic for getting rid of dead skin cells and keeping your lips feeling smooth, but if you use them too regularly, they might cause your lips to become too dry. If you’re using a lip scrub as part of your regular skincare regimen, be careful to hydrate afterward.

How do you make a lip scrub for beginners?

It is simple to make diy lip scrubs at home. You can produce a fantastic lip scrub in just a few minutes by combining a few of your favorite items often found in kitchens. Here are some common ingredients you may utilize:


All three DIY lip scrub recipes we shared with you in this blog are simple, and you probably have them at home. They won’t take more than a few minutes of your time, but the payback might be considerable if you constantly put them into practice. Some individuals feel that by eliminating dead skin cells from their lips, they become supple and smooth, without becoming dry or chapped, and are better able to take in the pigment of a lipstick.

The finest part is that there is no need to rush off to the medical professional and pay out cash for pricey treatments when such simple options are available. Please share your findings with us in the comments section below!

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